Dear Patient,

We look forward to seeing you at your upcoming appointment.

We have a patient protocol we have implemented for prior to, and upon arriving to your appointment – Please Read all of the important information regarding your appointment below and thank you for your patience during our re-opening.

Patient Arrival Protocol:

  • Call the office upon your arrival and remain in your car. We will call you once we are ready for your appointment. (If you are unable to call upon arrival please do before you leave your house)
  • Up to 12 hours prior to your appointment please click this link and complete the Patient Screening Form. If you complete this within the 12 hour window you will not be asked to do this again in office. (You will receive a reminder text a few hours before your appt with the link attached, this might be a good time to fill this out)
  • Please do not wear gloves as we will ask you to wash your hands upon arrival.
  • The current building code is that everyone must wear a mask upon entering the building.
  • Upon arrival, one of our assistants will be asking you Covid-19 screening questions.
  • You will then be escorted to your operatory where we will be asking you to wash your hands prior to sitting in the chair and at the end of your appointment.
  • The reception area is closed.
  • Only patients may enter the office for their appointment with the exception of children. Children may be accompanied by one parent. Spouses, friends, caregivers need to wait outside.
  • Patients can be assisted to the front door and handed off to a sensitization technician.

Please click here for a helpful video for your children’s next visit.

Thank you again for your patience during this time,

Carrie B. Reddish DMD, PC

Patient Screening Form