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Theodore Polansky, DDS
Family & Cosmetic Dentistry


Insurance Information

At our office we believe in giving the best possible treatment available while working with you to maximize your insurance benefits for covered procedures. To accomplish this, we will be happy to submit your insurance forms on your behalf  to the insurance company and help with any questions you may have. We do accept assignment of insurance benefits for some selected plans. Please be sure to bring your insurance information with you at your first visit so that we can verify coverage, inform you of your benefits, and help to expedite the processing of your claim.

Each insurance plan has different percentages, deductibles, maximums, and procedures that they may, or may not cover.  At our office we will do our best to estimate what your insurance may pay and you will be responsible for any copayments or deductibles at the time of service.  We will assist in any way that we can, however, as a patient we want you to know that it is ultimately your responsibility to deal with your insurance company and your employer.


 "Usual and Customary" Fees

Occasionally, patients are confused about the role the insurance carrier plays in their treatment and payment of benefits. It is not the role of insurance company to determine what the fee should be, or what the best treatment should be. The insurance company is obligated to pay for treatment in the manner that was advertised to you (or your employer) at the time the policy was sold.


Our Administrative Staff is Here to Help

Our Administrative team will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your own insurance policy, as well as our Practice's policies and procedures.  You will leave our office well informed, with your financial questions answered.